Holy Buckets Batman! We Got A Teardrop!

Hello Friends!

Welps! We finally did it! Nik and I found a teardrop trailer – and she’s a beauty.

After our initial venture voraciously visiting a variety of vanlife van blogs, pouring over endless Pinterest posts where we couldn’t stop drooling over other people’s perfectly precious teardop pins, Nik’s spiral into the rabbit hole of intricacies involved in building our own (out of everything from a sprinter van to a 6×10 enclosed trailer to just making the whole thing – base trailer frame included – from the ground up), moving into the land of (quite honestly) crusty Craigslist truckbed campers, FINALLY we found her among the Craigslist masses.

The trailer was handmade by a guy from Madison, WI, who built scenery for the theatrical stage (and thus had some fantastic attention to detail). It’s a little 5×10 trailer just tall enough to sit upright in – or if you’re me, you can sit on your knees just fine – with a tiny kitchenette and itty-bitty cabin cabinets. It’s really little more than a bed on wheels with an attached heater and kitchen counter (sans kitchen amenities). We’re going to be doing some serious storage solution searching. Ideas are welcome.

Initially we were going to be super prepared with all of the right equipment for towing already setup to pickup the trailer, however, my car is apparently not that cool yet. It’s a little Rav4 that doesn’t have any of the right hookups. So, so much for that. Eventually, Nik conceded that even getting adapters wasn’t going to work, and the very nice guy that we bought it from was kind enough to bring it over to the house for us with his fancy, fully equipped truck. Thank you, Paul!

Why a teardrop? Have you seen how cute these things are? But really, it’s because we figured the teardrop would be one of the easiest, cheapest trailers and have the smallest environmental impact. Also they’re cute. Also, they’re pretty minimalist; we’re going to end up really understanding exactly what we need to bring with us to live on the road. Hurray for learning!

Of course, tiny little trailer needs some lovin’. There are a bunch of little fixes, little tweaks, and eventually some outright additions and improvements that it needs. And! We’re totally going to post all about it because we’re excited as heck! And we’re going to throw as much acro into it as possible. Because: of course we are.

In the meantime, we’re going to gush excitedly and that’s that.


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