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You may interpret the intonation of this post’s title with any emotion you wish – they’re probably all accurate.

Finally hitting the road! Last pic before getting the heck outta Dodge.

Also, Holy Buckets! We’re on our way! We’re going to Acro Revolution Teacher Training RIGHT NOW! And we’re mostly prepared! (Mostly). Nik got all the beautiful lighting hooked up (interior, galley, undercarriage….), the fenders are back on, the trailer brakes work, we’re waterproofed, and we’re basically packed.

However, we have no solar, no heat, no a/c, and no refrigeration. We do have a little battery that powers the lights, though. So, that’s cool.

I like to pretend that I’m an expert camper. So, I tend to over-pack. I want to be a minimalist, really I do, but I’m just not – like, really not. I like things relatively comfortable or at least relatively convenient. And I absolutely *hate* having to re-buy things that I already own simply because they didn’t get packed and we need them *right now*. Nik thinks I’m being silly for packing enough to literally live out of a tiny trailer for, at minimum, the next two months (because we’re basically literally living out of a tiny trailer for the next two months). I’m practicing my “I told you so” face.

So now we’re driving! And I am noticing exactly how distractible I am. It causes conversations to end up as follows: “What state are we in? Oh hey! It’s national doughnut day! We should celebrate! Ugh, this news on Facebook. Oh shoot, I can’t look at Yelp for the best doughnut shop in Cincinnati, I have to make these procedures show up on the same claim without splitting #workingremotelyastechsupport. What do you mean you haven’t read 1984? Here’s a cliff notes breakdown of why it’s relevant. Why aren’t people staring at our adorable trailer? We have a trailer! It’s cute! Validate us! Let’s discuss the state of racism in America as portrayed in this artistic photo series I was just reading about. Hey, do you want some popcorn?” #looooooooongcarridesshortattentionspans.

That weird spaghetti chili impostor thing.

ANYWAY. We’re currently driving through West Virginia, having stopped last night in Cincinnati Ohio, which is Nik’s old stomping grounds from college.  One of the lovely folks from the Cincinnati acro scene who we’d actually met at Chicago Acro Fest (Thanks, Matt!) setup a jam and we made it just as dark was falling – so we didn’t get to jam very much, but we did get to hang out with some lovely acro folks and go out with them to try (well, I got to try it – Nik had already had it) Cincinnati’s traditional Skyline Chili – which, despite having lived in Ohio for two years, I’d never tried. Why is this weird? Because it’s served over spaghetti and/or hotdogs and stuff. It was… okay? It was like weird spaghetti, in my opinion. Nik loved the shit out of it, though, and that’s good enough for me. 🙂

And, of course, we got to show off the tiny little trailer to the acro folks – complete with all our whatevers kinda strewn around in it since everything shifted a bit during the drive. Turns out those adorable little cabinets swing right open when you drive. Good to know.

Nik poking at the hitch lights.

Post consuming this Ohio oddity, we noticed that our trailer lights were sort of on the fritz – because something had to go at least a little wrong. So we spent the next 45 minutes tinkering with the hitch wires under the florescent glow of the CVS parking lot lights across the street from the Skyline Chili place. After wrapping gobs of electrical tape all over the wires, we still have no idea what the problem really was – but the lights seem to be working now! And Hey! We made it 500 miles without anything breaking, so I consider this a win.

We survived Night #1!

We also just spent our very first night in the camper. And it was great! We made a sad attempt at stopping at one of those truck stop gas station places that has all those semi parking spots for truckers to take a break for the night. However, it was loud due to the droning hum of all of those trucks idling next to each other, and puttering through the lot, we felt a lot like freshmen on their first day of high school looking at all of the older kids going “Everyone’s so big!….” So we ended up popping down the highway another three miles to an actual rest stop and parking there for the night. It was quiet and the temperature was perfect and the trailer is actually so spacious and comfortable! Like, really, it’s super comfy. WINNING! We did end up starting a nice little wishlist for things to add to it, though. And it was soooo nice to be able to just be like “hey, I’m kinda tired. Wanna go to sleep now?” and then just pull over and not have to unpack anything or lug anything anywhere; just walk a few feet, climb in, and go to sleep in a nice, comfy bed.

We’re almost to Virginia and ready to get our jam on. YAAAY!!! And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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