Grey Area


We did a thing! Okay, so more accurately, Lindsey Moon – who is frikkin amazing – got our little ragtag team of circus rats together to perform at the Grey Area festival just south of Iowa City in Iowa. We didn’t have a very specific performance, we mostly just played to the festival music.

It was a camping event, so we setup the rig and Lindsey’s beautiful tie-dye silks and a lyra and the X-Stage pole and a couple of basic crash mats and we mostly just hung out (ha ha, get it? ;P ).

Nik and I did a bit of acro, Lindsey and a few of the others did a bit of fire spinning, some of us did some pole, some silks, some lyra, and some basic tumbling. All in all, it was a good time. The only hard part was having no control over the music and being entirely too sweaty to get a good grip on the pole for any good tricks.

A huge thanks to Peter Mullaney for his wonderful photography!


See more on the event in this write up from Little Village Mag: Prairie Pop: Grey Area festival will suit local music fans, campers and circus freaks


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