About Us

I never really know what to write in these “About Us” sections. I almost feel like I’m writing that “About Me” portion of a dating profile on OkCupid or something.

In Short: we are Jaci Ampulski and Nik Robalino and the two of us are traveling AcroYoga Teachers who also happen to do All The Things.  Our mission is to help build stronger acro communities – focusing on cities that already have knowledge of the practice but don’t have access to local teachers to help them safely level up.

We’re also travelers. We’re bustling around the country in our tiny little teardrop trailer visiting acro communities everywhere, training, burning and seeing the world. Or at least the continent. We want to meet everyone and we want to play with everyone and we’re bound and determined to make that happen.

So this is our journey.

And since I feel like I need to write something more, here are five facts about yaks.

  1. The male yak is known as “Yak” and the female yak as “Nak” or “Dri”, by the Sherpas of Nepal.
  2. Even at freezing temperatures, a yak likes to bathe in lakes and rivers. Its warm coat provides insulation through a thick outer coating of long hair and a dense inner coating of matted, shorter fur.
  3. Yaks were first domesticated over 3000 years ago.
  4. A wild yak reaches its full size only between 6 to 8 years and may live for more than twenty years in captivity.
  5. The wild yak can survive a temperature as low as -40°F in winter (a good pet for winter on Hoth).